Monday, November 10, 2008

Prescription Coupon Benefits

The art of saving and making money can be found in everyday items, purchases and activities. And, here is another prime example, Prescriptions.

Prescription Drugs can be quite expensive. And, for anyone who needs to take medicine every month knows, the cost can really add up. But, there are ways for some families to save a bit or even earn extra money off of getting their prescriptions filled or refilled.

Many stores across the United States issue coupons offering incentives to transfer your prescriptions to them. What are some common examples? $10 Target Gift Card for a New or Transferred Prescription, $10 off purchase coupon for a transferred prescription to Meijer, $20 Kroger Credit to fill a prescription, $25 CVS Gift Card to transfer, $25 Walmart to transfer or $20 Rite Aid for a transferred. I have seen these all and more through the years.

ANYTIME you see one of these coupons, KEEP IT! Even if you don't have an ongoing prescription, you never know when you may need to get one filled. And, you want to have some on hand.

So, what are some pointers?

  • If your doctor writes your prescription for a 3 month supply, simply ask the pharmacist to change it to a 1 mo supply, filled 3 times.
  • Pick a pharmacy where you have a coupon and transfer your current prescription over. If a new prescription, make sure you use a coupon that states NEW prescriptions. Some will only take transferred. Not sure how to transfer a prescription? Simply take your empty bottle to the new drugstore and hand it to them. They do the rest.
  • Always have a list of all DRUGS you are taking. The only real problem with transferring prescriptions is that your pharmacist does not have a record of all the medicines you currently take. Again, ALWAYS have a list of ALL medicines you take and make sure to give it to the pharmacist when you transfer.
  • Fill your prescription and get your free money. This money is now defraying the cost of your prescription ( thus making it cheaper each month ) or earning you money ( my copay for ea. prescription is $5, so I make a profit everytime I get one filled )
  • Next month, transfer it to a new location and make money again. Many drugstores will honor competitor coupons. So, if your current prescription is at Walgreens, and you only have a Walgreens coupon, what do you do? I take my Walgreens coupon and use it at CVS and have it transferred over. Check with your pharmacist to see if they coupon match.

Obviously, you can see how you save or earn money from these coupons and how beneficial they can be financially. But, again, if you take multiple medications, you may want to second guess this money maker. The risk of having multiple drugs at different pharmacies might not be worth the extra money.

What are some other suggestions? If you have a good insurance plan and you are a woman, consider taking prenatal vitamins instead of multi vitamins. Of course, check with your OB/GYN, to make sure this is OK for you.

Because I take prenatals ( even while not pregnant ), I now make between $5 and $25 each month on my vitamins. Before, I used to have to pay for over the counter. Why not earn money!

And, if you are running out of coupons, don't forget to check eBay for coupons being sold. My only word of advice? Make sure it is a hard copy coupon and not an electronic coupon. Many times coupons are altered online and can be fake or fraudulent. Also, check to make sure it can be used nationwide. Many Walgreens coupons can only be used at certain locations. Just as the seller.

Finally, check the sidebars on this webpage. If I find any Prescription coupons available, I will post them there for your use and information. Feel free to send me an email if you find a coupon in your area that I can share with others, too.